APL Deploys U.S. President-Named Vessels for Enhanced Eagle Express 1 Service


APL today announced the deployment of six vessels for its signature Eagle Express 1 (EX1) service. The EX1 service will be enhanced to speed up the North Asian leg from the US West Coast. The new EX1 service will benefit from reduced transit timing from the U.S. West Coast to Naha and Yokohama of four and two days respectively. With Yokohama serving as a relay hub for shipments to Guam and Saipan via its Guam Saipan Express (GSX) service, APL is adjusting the EX1 service to speed up essential cargo shipments from the U.S. mainland to the islands, especially Guam where 75% of her inbound freight originate from the U.S.  In fact, shipments onboard the GSX service will reach Guam on Monday, the earliest cargo arrival of the week on the island as a result of the EX1 service refinements.

The container ships will be named after former US Presidents: President FD Roosevelt; President Wilson; President Cleveland; President Truman; President Eisenhower and President Kennedy, continuing a legacy that began in the 1920s that has seen some 90 APL ships named after U.S. Presidents.

Five of the six vessels are new to the EX1 service. The first vessel in the U.S. President series is currently going through the reflagging process at Global Gateway South (GGS) Terminal in Los Angeles.

“Operating a fleet of U.S. flagged vessels, crewed by American citizens, is historical business for APL and part of our roots.  We pride ourselves in delivering mission-critical supplies, food and equipment to our troops overseas. Making this vast investment on our main Trans-Pacific U.S. flagged service shows our commitment to service quality and innovation. During this process, APL received great support from The Maritime Administration (MARAD), U.S. Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM), Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC), U.S. Coast Guard and partners of American labor unions,” said Eric Mensing, Senior Vice President of American President Lines, LLC and President/CEO of APL Maritime.

According to Seaintel, APL was ranked the most reliable carrier from Central China to the U.S. West Coast in the first quarter of 2018. Surpassing the industry average on-time performance of 49.6%, APL through the EX1 service achieved an on-time performance of 84.3%.

Commencing from Qingdao on 20 July 2018, the enhanced EX1 service’s new port rotation will be: Qingdao – Shanghai – Busan – Los Angeles – Oakland – Yokohama – Naha – Busan – Qingdao.