Construction Starts on Volkswagen Group Logistics LNG Powered Ships

Officials lined up for the steel cutting ceremony at the Chinese shipyard (Image Courtesy: just-auto)

Work has started in China on the construction of liquid natural gas (LNG) Volkswagen Group ships which will be operated by Siem Car Carriers and reduce pollution caused by seaborne vehicle transport.

According to ‘just-auto’, Xiamen Shipbuilding celebrated ‘steel cutting’ (shipbuilders’ equivalent to foundation stone laying) with an official ceremony.

From 2019, the two LNG ships will carry VW Group vehicles from Europe to North America. The LNG drive systems will significantly reduce the atmospheric pollutants emitted by the ships.

(Image Courtesy: Volkswagen Group)

Markus Lange, head of vehicle logistics at group logistics, said: “Greater sustainability in logistics is a key issue for us. The use of two LNG ships for transporting vehicles is a major step forward which we can only take together with our strong partners.”

The shipyard will build the two ships for Siem Car Carriers to operate under chartered by VW Group. Engines will be supplied by MAN Diesel & Turbo.

Compared with conventional vessels, the LNG ships will reduce CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions by up to 25%, NOX (nitrogen oxides) by up to 30%, particulates by up to 60% and sulphur oxides by as much as 100%.

(Source: just-auto)

Sea News, March 23