Damen’s Ballast Water Treatment Service Available in 8 Northern European Ports

(Image Courtesy: Damen)

Ship owners are now able to treat their unmanaged ballast water or load cleaned ballast water in eight different Northern European ports using Damen’s InvaSave ballast water management system.

In cooperation, Damen Green Solutions and Damen Shiprepair & Conversion (DSC) have facilitated the ballast water reception/bunkering service at Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Brest, Dunkerque, Vlissingen, Den Helder, Stellendam and Harlingen.

“InvaSave is the world’s first external ballast water treatment unit designed primarily to offer ship owners a port-based ballast water solution. With this cooperation, vessels coming into these eight ports will be able to take advantage of a one-stop-shop for their ballast water treatment requirements,” the company said.

Since the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention was enforced on the September 8, this year, some ship owners are already facing delays in ports due to unmanaged ballast water. For example, unmanned barges do not have the capabilities to perform mandatory ballast water exchanges, the D1 Standard.

“With our ballast water bunkering service we can both accept used ballast water for disposal, as well as fill up ballast water tanks with certified clean water at the port of departure. As a result, this eliminates the need for ballast water exchange,” Philip Rabe from Damen Green Solutions said.

Rabe said that vessels that use an on-board treatment systems and saltwater to make free chlorine will not always be able to function in freshwater ports such as Amsterdam. These vessels would need to load hundreds of tonnes of seawater to operate their on-board systems, and as a consequence, will lose precious cargo capacity.

“Using the InvaSave ballast water treatment service in the port, vessels can load clean, D2 standard, ballast water at the quay without the need to operate their own on-board treatment systems.” Damen Green Solutions is in talks with several other ports and harbour service providers around the world to offer the InvaSave service.

Sea News, December 21