Dimitris Vernicos Announces Largest Salvage Company In The Mediterranean

Image Courtesy: Vernicos

Ardent, Vernicos and EPE combine forces to provide emergency response services and form the largest salvage company in the Mediterranean.

Ardent Global, the merger of Svitzer and Titan Salvage emergency response and wreck-removal Company, announces the formation of a partnership with Vernicos and Environmental Protection Engineering S.A. (EPE). VERNICOS is the leading tug and salvage provider in Greece controlling a fleet of more than 30 tugs through its consortiums. EPE is the leading environmental protections services and products company in Greece, offering emergency response services for oil and chemical spills. The partnership makes Ardent-Vernicos-EPE the largest and most powerful maritime salvage and towage, consortium in the Mediterranean, with important strengths in wreck removal and pollution control.

Ardent Global brings to the partnership experience in the world’s most technically challenging salvage and wreck removal jobs in history, along with a cache of specialized, proprietary equipment – which will now be strategically stored at Vernicos’ various depots, including Perama.

Vernicos, which is one of the oldest tug and salvage companies in Greece with 150 years of experience, not only has a wealth of salvage experience, but also owns the largest fleet of salvage and emergency response tugboats in the Mediterranean.

Environmental Protection Engineering S.A. (EPE) was established in Piraeus in 1977, and has successfully responded to more than two thousand pollution incidents on the last four decades with state-of-the-art equipment and highly trained and experienced personnel.

The three companies share similar corporate values of safety, integrity and high performance.
This cooperation strategically combines the world’s leading salvage, emergency response and wreck Removal Company with the largest provider of tugs and the largest pollution control expert in the region. The combined experience and abilities allow the Ardent-Vernicos-EPE team to handle casualties of all types and sizes, with the shortest response time frames – 24/7, 365 days a year – leading to prompt actions towards successful results.

The Alliance allows us to be the most effective provider of salvage emergency response in the region, providing a more well-rounded emergency Response effort in a timely manner. It is a joint effort to pro-actively protect our seas by providing Emergency response in the Mediterranean and surrounding regions.

Sea News, March 23