First Ever Boxship to LNG: Converted, Launched and Bunkered

Image Courtesy: Nautical

On August 23, history was created, when for the first time in the world, containership Wes Amelie, was retrofitted and launched with a liquefied natural gas (LNG) engine.

Mahinde Abeynaike, Managing Director Nauticor, said, “With the conversion of Wes Amelie, Wessels Reederei has become a pioneer in establishing LNG as fuel for containerships. We are happy to support that effort and are looking forward to future cooperation, taking into consideration that our second LNG bunker vessel will start operations in Northwest Europe next year with a focus on customers in the North Sea & Baltic Sea.”

It was at the German Dry Docks in Bremerhaven, that the vessel, a 1,036 TEU feeder, owned by Wessels Reederei, underwent an LNG engine conversion. The event was encouraged by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure and will extend to other ships in the fleet.

After the launch, Nauticor, a Hamburg based company, conducted the initial LNG bunkering at the Kühlhauskai in the Port of Bremerhaven where 4 trucks transferred LNG to the ship.

Post this event, Wessels Reederei has created for itself a premier position in the use of LNG as fuel for containerships in the Northwest Europe. It boasts a fleet of 36 seagoing vessels, made up of 26 coasters, 4 containerships and 6 multi-purpose freighters.