“Incident” Results in Brief Closure of DP World’s Prince Rupert Terminal

Image Courtesy: Port of Prince Rupert

At 5am on Sunday, an “incident” forced the authorities to close DP World’s Prince Rupert, B.C. container terminal.

The undisclosed event resulted in 11 dockers being injured and in need of medical attention for respiratory issues and eye irritation.

DP World said in a statement, “Two were initially kept for observation and thankfully all were discharged within hours of their arrival. We continue to check on their well-being. Our first priority is the safety and well-being of our employees, the local community, and any others who may have been affected.”

The terminal reopened Tuesday after DP World performed air quality tests in the area and found no contaminants. At this time, an industrial hygienist declared the facility safe to reopen at 0430 hours on Monday. In a statement, the Port of Prince Rupert said that there is “no inhalation hazard to the community of Prince Rupert nor hazard to the marine environment as related to this incident.”