LNG Tankers ‘Vladimir Rusanov’ and ‘Eduard Tolle’ Complete Passage along Northern Sea Route

(Image Courtesy: FleetMon)

NOVATEK on Friday reported that two Arc7 ice-class tankers “Vladimir Rusanov” and “Eduard Tolle” have successfully completed the passage along the Northern Sea Route in an easterly direction.

The tanker “Vladimir Rusanov” completely passed the Northern Sea Route and approached the Bering Strait, “Eduard Tolle” entered the Chukchi Sea and follows the open water.

The tankers left the port of Sabetta with LNG shipments produced on the Yamal LNG project, and follow the Chinese port of Jiangsu Zhudong. The ice part of the Northern Sea Route was crossed by the ships independently without icebreaker guidance in just 9 days, which indicates the outstanding ice characteristics of the ships.

The Chairman of the Board of NOVATEK, Leonid Mikhelson, said: “We are pleased that this year the summer navigation period of the Northern Sea Route opened gas carriers with cargoes of our project. These flights are the first in history deliveries of Russian LNG on the Northern Sea Route without icebreaker wiring.”

“Moreover, they open the beginning of regular LNG supplies along the Northern Sea Route, which became possible due to the unique characteristics of the Arc7 ice-class tankers designed by NOVATEK specifically for Arctic projects.”

Sea News, July 9