Louis Dreyfus Co. Joins Sustainable Coalition with a Focus on Global Shipping

(Image Courtesy: LDC)

Louis Dreyfus Co. (LDC) is working to create a more environmentally sustainable maritime industry by 2040. LDC has become a member of the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI), a coalition of companies from across the global shipping industry.

With this initiative LDC joins 13 other SSI members, ABN-AMRO, AkzoNobel, Bunge, Cargill, China Navigation, Forum of the Future, IMC, Lloyd’s Register, Maersk Line, RIGHTSHIP, U-Ming Marine, Wartesila and WWF.

The SSI is an independent charity, comprised of leaders spanning the shipping value chain such as charterers, ship owners, ship yards, class societies and technology companies. The SSI works with its members and other shipping stakeholders to create a more environmentally responsible, socially conscious, safer, accountable, and more economically profitable industry. One that is truly sustainable by 2040.

Tom Holmer, general manager of SSI said, “LDC is committed to driving change in shipping to create a clean, sustainable and socially responsible industry. The sharing of ideas and best practice across different organisations is a critical part of our journey toward reducing greenhouse gases, developing new technology and becoming more transparent and accountable.”

LDC processes, transports and merchandises a diversified product range around the world. The company has set targets for environmental improvements across every aspect of its operations. This includes engaging with shipyards and encouraging more fuel-efficient vessels.

Sebastien Landerretche, head of freight at LDC said, “At LDC, the importance of identifying and addressing sustainability challenges across our wide variety of businesses cannot be overstated. We recognise that the SSI can help us to address such challenges in shipping the 81 million tons of agricultural goods that we handle annually.”

Sea News, December 19