MUA Announces Industrial Action at 2 Australian Ports

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The Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) has announced a work stoppage of 24 hours on Tuesday, September 26, commencing at 0600 hours due to working onboard pilot cutters operated by the Port Authority of New South Wales from Port Jackson and Port Botany.

The industrial actions will curtail the use of the pilot vessels to embark and disembark Pilots in Port Jackson and Port Botany. However, the movement of perishables, product tanker and crude oil tanker vessels, and passenger cruise vessels, will not be affected by the industrial action.

MUA members also agreed to exempt watchkeeping at sea, fire rounds, port security watches, safety drills, along with all emergency and safety related issues from the work stoppage.

As informed, emergency response, vessel traffic services, and other port officer functions, other than pilot cutter movements, will be required to continue as normal during this period of industrial action.