NIBULON Shipyard Completes Outfitting on Nibulonivets-2

(Image Courtesy: Marine Traffic)

NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard said that it has finished performing outfitting on Nibulonivets-2. The specialists are testing equipment of the first 100-m vessel of the B5000 project on shore power. “They continue constructing other orders and conducting repairs of the company’s fleet,” the company said.

NIBULON’s shipbuilders are finishing final painting of open areas of the vessel. They are preparing to deliver the floating crane to a customer.

Other Construction Projects are Underway:

The first non-self-propelled B5000 project vessel – The shipbuilders continue performing outfitting on the first 100m vessel by producing hatch covers and preparing to install them on the vessel. The shipbuilders have started testing mechanisms on normal power supply system.

The second non-self-propelled B5000 project vessel – The shipbuilders continue forming the vessel’s forebody and are testing spaces of the afterbody half-hull for tightness. Upon jointing of two half-hulls and painting, the vessel will be launched.

The first and the second T3500 project tugs – The specialists continue metal cutting and bending in the metal processing workshop. They are producing a navigation room of the first vessel, assemblies and hull sections of the second vessel in the assembly and fabrication workshop, the company added.

The propulsion unit, which is the executive part of the main power plant, from Rolls-Royce (Finland) has been recently delivered to NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard for the first tug. It is planned to launch this vessel in May.

While constructing the above-mentioned five vessels, NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard has already processed about 4,000 tons of metal.

(Source: Port News)

Sea News, April 3