Overheated Fertilizer Leads to Crew Evacuation from Bibby Line’s Ship

Image courtesy: bibbyline.co.uk

As a result of overheating of the fertilizer on board, the crew of Bibby Line’s ship, MV Cheshire, had to be evacuated. The ship was scheduled to take on bunkers in Las Palmas and arrived at a position 45 miles of Gran Canaria on August 13.

At this time, the ship built in 2012, was being offered assistance by the authorities who were advised of the situation. In addition to this, the cargo manufacturer sent a representative to Las Palmas to advise on cargo cooling.

The crew were taken ashore from the 56,597 dwt ship for safety reasons as the wind conditions were so light that the fumes were not being carried away. The sailors are reported to be well and in a good condition.

Elevated temperature conditions in cargo holds 4 and 5 of the Supramax Bulker necessitated the action. The ship is presently drifting in a southerly direction away from landmass, according to the company.

The hatch cover was reportedly damaged due to the high temperature in hold 4. As a result of this, salvors Resolve Marine were instructed to attend

the vessel and deal with the cargo problem. The Resolve team is presently cooling the affected cargo onboard the ship.

The cargo carried on board MV Cheshire is ammonium nitrate based fertilizer and the ship is en route from Norway to Thailand to discharge.