EESTI GAAS will bring LNG Bunker to the Baltic Sea


Eesti Gaas orders a LNG bunker, the first of its kind in the north and east of the Baltic Sea. The vessel, which will be completed in 2020, will service environmentally-friendly ships in the Gulf of Finland and in the south of the Gulf of Bothnia.

“The use of natural gas as transport fuel expands rapidly and the Baltic Sea needs a mobile infrastructure to serve demand. An LNG bunker ship is an investment in high technology and environmental savings, for the Baltic Sea’s clean air and seawater. The only LNG bunker in the area is about 66,000 tons of CO2 per year from the sea, “said Ain Hanschmidt, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Eesti Gaas.

“The project will meet the two main companies of Infortari – Tallink Maritime and Eesti Gaas’s energy expertise, both of which will be taken into account already in the construction of the ship, and will be the key to its operation. This investment will enhance both the competitiveness of the Estonian maritime economy and the wider economy of Estonia, “Hanschmidt said.

“Infortar wanted to develop the company’s modern energy company when buying Eesti Gaas and find new uses for natural gas. The modern energy company can only provide clean and sustainable energy to its customers and we can see that interest in using natural gas and green gas in land and sea transport can only be expanded, “said Ants Noot, Chairman of the Management Board of Eesti Gaas.

“Eesti Gaas has the largest supply and service experience for LNG in the region today. We have developed a separate field of LNG in recent years, has carried out the bunkering of one thousand LNG truck-to-ship bunkers, and moving from land to the sea is the next logical step, both the expression of existing experience and the new challenge, “Noot said.

The LNG bunker service area will be the northern and eastern part of the Baltic Sea, in particular the Gulf of Finland. An LNG vessel is capable of buoying tankers, cargo, service, travel and service vessels on the high seas and in ports, with its containers capable of delivering up to 6000m3 of liquefied natural gas to customers at a time.

The Dutch company Damen will build a 100-meter-long LNG bunker. The ship will be completed in accordance with extremely high safety requirements, many control systems will be duplicated. The bunker ship will meet ice class 1A and serve customers throughout the year.

The construction of an LNG vessel is financed by Infortar and co-financed by the European Union. Eesti Gaas has signed a long-term contract with Infortar for the operation of the vessel and Tallink for technical support and manning.

LNG or liquefied natural gas is very high in energy and there is no need for the existence of a jugular network. LNGs are used in energy generation, land transport and maritime transport. This is an eco-friendly fuel type that allows you to significantly reduce CO2, NOx, SOx in the exhaust gas and does not produce any solid particles at all.

Main features of the Estonian Gas LNG bunker vessel:
Capacity – 6000 m3
Load capacity – 3300 tons
Length – 99.8 meters
Width – 18.6 meters
Speed ​​- 13.4 knots
Time of completion – 2020

Sea News, October 3


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