Violation of North Korea Sanctions Leads to Blacklisting of 4 Vessels

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A global port ban has been issued by the United Nation’s Security Council on 4 vessels due to violation of sanctions against North Korea.

2 of the vessels are general cargo ships registered in Cambodia and DPR Korea while the other 2 are bulk carriers flagged in Comoros and St Kitts.

The vessels, Petrel 8, Hao Fan 6, Tong San 2 and Joe Shun, have been designated pursuant to paragraph 6 of the Resolution 2375, a document from the UN Security Council shows. According to Mr Griffiths, the coordinator of a UN Security Council panel on North Korea sanctions,  the ships were found “transporting prohibited goods”, BBC reports.

“We are doing our very best to monitor the situation and to follow up with member states who maybe have been taken advantage of by the tactics deployed by DPRK coal export entities,” he said.

The two bulk carriers, the 2011-built Petrel 8 (9,800 dwt) and 2009-built Hao Fan 6 (13,500 dwt) are operated by China’s Dalian Longgang Shipping and Zhejiang Haoheng Shipping, respectively. While Tong San 2 is owned by North Korea’s Nampho Fishery and Jie Shun is owned by China-based K Brothers Marine in Dallan.

The Resolution was adopted by the UNSC on September 11, 2017, with the aim of strengthening UN sanctions on North Korea in response to the Pyongyang’s nuclear test conducted on September 2, 2017.

The UN stated that the measures included in the resolution are banning the export of textiles, preventing overseas workers from earning wages that finance the North Korean regime, and reducing about 30% of oil provided to North Korea. The resolution also includes strong maritime provisions enabling countries to counter North Korean smuggling activities of prohibited exports by sea. It allows member states with tools to cease the smuggling of prohibited products such as conventional arms, coal, textiles, seafood, etc. on the high seas.

Recently, Sea News reported about the heightened sanctions that were imposed on the country by the Trump Administration.



Sea News, October 10