Fuel oil bunker analysis and advisory service (FOBAS)


The challenge

Poor quality fuel can put the safety, operational and environmental performance of ships at risk. With highly variable bunker quality across the world, the risk of contamination that could be harmful to ship systems and must be managed to avoid the cost of downtime and repairs.

The solution

The most effective way of protecting assets from the risks of poor quality fuel is through regular fuel sampling, analysis and quality assessment. Through our Fuel Oil Bunker Analysis Service (FOBAS) we provide ship operators and managers with independent verification of fuel quality, as delivered, compared to international standards and environmental legislation. 

When faced with suspected fuel-related problems, our experienced professional engineers can also provide practical guidance in dealing with fuel quality issues, supported by detailed analysis reports and a wealth of experience.

The features

FOBAS is a fully integrated fuel testing solution where we:

  • Provide suitable supplies and guidance to ensure representative samples from each and every bunkering are obtained.
  • Ensure samples for testing reach us in the fastest possible time (with guaranteed transit times) using our approved courier from collection of sample to delivery to laboratory.
  • Ensure test results from the bunker sampling are received as quickly as possible (with analysis results issued within 24 hours of sample receipt at one of our laboratories).
  • Offer full technical and engineering advice on all fuel related matters.
  • Help clients maintain compliance with the regulations of MARPOL Annex VI, the EU Sulphur Directive and all other regionally imposed sulphur regulations