Marine Clean-Up Day: 120 Volunteers Remove Marine Debris


In partnership with International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (ICCS), 120 volunteers, together with Mr Baey Yam Keng, Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Transport and Culture, Community and Youth, removed marine trash at various locations around Singapore this morning.

Since its inception in 2016, the “Clean-Up on Kayak” has expanded to involve various partners and members of the public to ensure a more holistic and comprehensive marine conservation programme and is now known as the Marine Clean-Up Day.

At this year’s Marine Clean-Up Day, the Public Hygiene Council (PHC) loaned litter picking tools from the cleanpods at East Coast Park for the 50 public volunteers who gathered litter and micro-plastics at East Coast Beach for disposal. 20 stand-up paddlers from the Surfing Association (Singapore) and 30 volunteer kayakers cleared floating marine debris from the coastal waters. 20 divers from Our Singapore Reefs removed marine debris around Lazarus Island. Concurrently, members of the local fishing community such as Marine Stewards also committed to clearing trash when out at sea, or at the beach.

MPA collected close to 240kg of marine debris. The contents were sorted and recorded for data research purposes.

Baey said, “MPA has undertaken various efforts in the area of marine conservation over the past few years. The Marine Clean-Up Day is the first time MPA is working with so many like-minded groups of volunteers. I hope that through such efforts, more members of the public will be aware of the role they can play in protecting our environment.”

The Marine Clean-Up Day complements MPA’s existing efforts to protect the marine environment, and ensure that our port waters are clean and safe. These include MPA’s World Oceans Day Celebration, where underwater clean-up activities and public outreach events are organised annually.

Sea News, September 16

Baibhav Mishra
Author: Baibhav Mishra