Exclusive Interview with Amir Rashad, Founder and CEO, Centersource

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Centersource is a supply-chain automation platform built by industry professionals with significant global experience, covering trade and related logistics activities from inquiry until goods arrive at buyers’ place. It is an independent digital platform and toolkit that automates the most time-consuming processes facing companies today including Export/Import, Logistics, Documentation, Analytics, Compliance, Accountability, Transparency, Visibility and lots more.

Sea News recently interviewed Amir Rashad, the Founder of Centersource. The discussion covered various aspects of the logistics and supply chain industry. Below are the excerpts from the interview…

Amir Rashad, Founder and CEO, Centersource (Image Courtesy: Centersource)

Can you give us a brief overview of Centersource?

Centersource is a digital toolset for exporters importers and forwarders to automate the most time consuming processes. From inquiry of goods until arrival at POD including smart tools for trading & tendering, booking freight, generating documents, tracking cargoes, analysing business and supply chain performance – All in one place, in five languages.

What are the current trends in the industry, with respect to supply-chain automation?

The industry is far behind what technology can actually offer. We believe in an omni channel where business, collaboration and analytics meet.

How serious are stakeholders in Logistics when it comes to automation?

Seriousness is there surely. It is interest and courage for quick implementation, which in essence is a change management question. In any industry not more than 10% are early adopters.

(Image Courtesy: Centersource)

How does Centersource help in optimising time-consuming processes in Supply Chain?

Centersource has built a collaboration platform providing a shared workspace for trade partners. In the platform there are more than 80 tools that are integrated with smart information flows to automate many of the tasks and challenges managers and employees face in global trade and logistics. The platform mitigates human errors and duplication since all is needed is to make one time data entry to the system and it will take care of sharing updates, sending out reminders of important events as well as drafting documents. Our users also get access to relevant news, statistics and analytics in the same workspace – just to mention a few of the tools.

The point is by putting shipment tracking, price calculation, freight booking, external and internal communication and all major and supportive activities in one place and automating them, the users will save a few moments on all follow ups/tasks/activities that together add up to a significant number. We have actually found that there is a potential of saving up to three hours per day on using our platform.

Tell us something about yourself. Shed some light on your journey from being a Supply Chain Manager to Founder & CEO of Centersource?

I was born and raised in the forestry industry. My family has been in the business for more than 50 years. When my own volumes grew, I set out to buy a system that would automate all these processes. However, unfortunately it simply didn’t exist. Then a small internal tool become a spin-off with its own company and received investment and even support from top industry veterans.

(Image Courtesy: Centersource)

Tell us something about the platform – Timber.Exchange?

It is our flagship platform, customized toward the forestry industry which is where we come from. Timber Exchange is a digital platform which provides users a with common marketplace and workspace that streamlines every step of the timber supply chain process. With easy plug-nplay onboarding, the new marketplace aims to digitalize the global timber supplychain, enhance cross-border collaboration and automate the most time-consuming processes facing companies today. Timber Exchange leverages decades of industry experience, automation technology, and digital marketplace tools to offer a sophisticated logistics and trade platform that eliminates global trade pinpoints and billions of dollars in unnecessary costs.

Cyber security is one of the major issues the industry is concerned of. How do you address it?

We take it extremely seriously. We cannot comment more.

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How has COVID-19 impacted the Supply Chain business and how has the pandemic affected your business, if so?

Supply chains are suffering due to lack of goods or high prices due to mismatch of supply demand, lack of raw materials or shortage of logistics capacity; which means that in the end of the day consumers are paying more. Thankfully, interest is strong and we are at the right place at the right time. Now more than ever companies seek to improve efficiency, transparency, accountability and profitability whilst cutting costs, which is what automation allows.

Sea News Feature, December 7

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