Global air cleanliness patterns due to COVID19 – Can we keep it going?

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Global air quality has seen an increase since alterations in travel and lifestyle patterns were introduced by global governments.

A travel provider has analysed the density of particles in the atmosphere (PM2.5) in over 100 global cities to provide an overview of the places that have improved their air quality amid the coronavirus pandemic.

From the cities in the study, average PM2.5 readings in 2019 sat at 72.8 compared to 57.2 in April 2020. In fact, 83% of the cities analysed have actually shown an improvement in air quality since governments introduced lockdowns.

Top five cities with biggest change

City                                Percentage Change

Canberra, Australia                 -83.1%

Kabul, Afghanistan                  -68.9%

Stockholm, Sweden                -62.7%

Tbilisi, Georgia                        -48.1%

Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan           -46.7%

China has, understandably, had one of the longest lockdowns in the world with their air pollution seeing some of the most drastic changes. The city of Beijing has seen PM2.5 decrease by 26.21% during the lockdown period.

However, Serbia actually has had one of the shortest lockdown periods of lockdown and has one of the largest air pollution growth in the study – a 37.8% rise. Serbia isn’t the only country to see increases with other countries, including Spain, seeing rises.

Top five cities with increased pollution rates

Country                      Percentage Change

Ankara, Turkey                +58.0%

Madrid, Spain                  +45.4%

Hanoi, Vietnam               +36.9%

Belgrade, Serbia              +27.8%

Manama, Bahrain           +9.2%

As some countries around the world are reopening and travelling restrictions are being lifted some places are starting to register a decrease in their air quality. Dealchecker aims to raise awareness among travellers to help keep air pollution levels low.

Stephen Molloy, dealchecker MD said:

“As humans, we will always want to travel to see places and experience cultures different to our own in order to expand our lives, and make them richer. Dealchecker still wants you to be able to experience new and exciting places but we’re asking our users to stop and think about the little things that each of us can do to make a difference and protect our home.”

Note: Data is accurate as of April 2020 and was sourced from:

(Source: dealchecker)

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