Thessaloniki Port Authority and China Merchants Port Holdings Sign Agreement

Signing ceremony in Shenzhen. From left to right: Deputy Manager of CMPort, Li Yubin, Managing Director of CMPort, Dr.Bai Jingtao (Image Courtesy: Thessaloniki Port Authority)

ThPA S.A. signed cooperation agreement with China Merchants Port Holdings Co. Ltd. and its subsidiaries China Merchants Holdings (International) Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ThPA S.A., Franco Nicola Cupolo, signed with Managing Director of CMPort, Dr. Bai Jingtao, an “Agreement of Mutual Cooperation” and with the General Manager of CMHIT, Wang Pei, a cooperation agreement about CTOS – Container Terminal Operating System in the Container Terminal of the Port of Thessaloniki.

This collaboration between ThPA S.A. and CMPort is a great opportunity for the companies to have a win-win cooperation, resulting to both European and Chinese markets opening.

ThPA S.A. and CMPort agree to proceed on all the commercial and operational aspects needed to promote the Port of Thessaloniki, in the Chinese market, as a Gate Port in Europe.

Thanos Liagkos, Executive Chairman of Bod, Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A., said:

“The signing of cooperation agreement with CMPort marks a major step forward for Thessaloniki Port Authority S.A. because this cooperation fully supports us achieving the promise of developing innovative strategies and sustainable operations, with multiple benefits for the Greek economy and the supply chain in southeastern Europe”.

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ThPA S.A., Franco Nicola Cupolo, pointed out:

“ThPA S.A. is implementing an extended investment plan and the crucial point of these investments is the expansion of the Container Terminal, allowing to serve main liner container services and accommodate Ultra Large Container Vessels of 24,000 TEUs capacity. We believe, the implementation of CTOS will provide additional value to our investments and support significantly the transformation of Container Terminal to international standards”.

Managing Director of CMPort, Bai Jingtao, said:

“The port of Thessaloniki has a long history, outstanding location and shipping advantages. It is not only the main import and export gateway in northern Greece, but also an important channel and logistics hub linking Europe and Asia. We believe that this successful cooperation is not limited to a system marching overseas in Europe, but also a promotion of the two parties in the port areas of Europe and Asia, which can be recognized another success and practice of the initiative of Belt and Road”.

Signing ceremony in Thessaloniki. From left to right: Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of ThPA S.A., Franco Nicola Cupolo, Executive Chairman of BoD, ThPA S.A., Thanos Liagkos, General Manager of Container Terminal, ThPA S.A., Antonino Spezzano (Image Courtesy: Thessaloniki Port Authority)

Sea News, July 14

Baibhav Mishra
Author: Baibhav Mishra