BIMCO first draft of a new time charter party for ASVs

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The draft charter party has been developed by a team of cross-industry experts and is based on SUPPLYTIME 2017, BIMCO’s time charter party for offshore support vessels. The drafting has focused on changes necessary to make the form fit for purpose in the ASV sector.

At the most recent meeting, taking place at Ørsted’s offices on 29 October, discussions focused mainly on offshore bunkering of crew transfer vessels and possible reduction of hire in the event of breakdown of the ship’s gangway, crane or offshore bunkering system.

“We have made good progress and the new form is taking shape,” said Edwin de Vries, Director at Wagenborg Projects & Logistics/Wagenborg Offshore and Chairman of the subcommittee, adding:

“While SUPPLYTIME 2017 is an obvious basis for the new form, we have made changes in a number of key areas to cater for the specificities of the ASV sector. I look forward to presenting the work we have done so far to the Documentary Committee when it meets on 5 December.”

Changes were also made to the vessel specifications in Annex A, to give more emphasis to features which are common for ASV ships, such as accommodation, catering, hospital and other facilities. Annex B from SUPPLYTIME 2017, dealing with insurance, may need to be adapted for the ASV sector and will be reviewed at the next meeting on 22-23 January 2020 in Oslo.