COVID-19 Crisis: Watch Port of Zeebrugge’s Tribute To Health Workers


A tribute to all health care workers hummed, honked and buzzed through the ports of Flanders. Tug boats sprayed water fontains under a bright sun. White cloths were hung from buildings and offices, white flags were hoisted.

“We are all in deepest respect for what our health care workers are doing at these incredibly difficult times,” a press not released by Port of Zeebrugge read.

“Along with the tribute to the health care workers, the Port of Zeebrugge wants to show gratitute to every one in the shipping industry and ports, who are also working hard to make sure the logistics chain and the supply around the world is guaranteed in this time of crisis.”

“We are very grateful to every one out there and in Zeebrugge, for their efforts in keeping the ports running,” it further read.

Sea News, April 2