Gas Natural Fenosa Reorganises Business in Four Large Areas


Gas Natural Fenosa has defined an organisational structure in which the business areas are reinforced and both these and the corporate areas are simplified.

The new management of the company gives the business units full responsibility in their scope of action, while adapting the organization to the needs of the company, once the new Strategic Plan 2018-2022 has been approved at the end of the year. of the month of June.

“This new structure simplifies and streamlines the management of GAS NATURAL FENOSA, with the aim of giving businesses autonomy in their field of action and having an organization adapted to the challenges we face as an energy multinational in a world of more competitive and digitized,” said Francisco Reynés, CEO of GAS NATURAL FENOSA.

It should be noted that business units have been reduced from six to four. Each one of them will have the necessary resources to autonomously manage their business scope with full responsibility.

The new business units, which are responsible for maximizing the free-cash-flow of the business and promoting organic development, are:

  • Gas & Electricity Business, directed by Manuel Fernández. It includes the generation and renewables business, gas supply, marketing and logistics of LNG at global level and gas and electricity commercialization in Europe.
  • Business Infrastructure Spain & EMPL – Medgaz, directed by Rosa Ma Sanz. It includes the gas and electricity network businesses in Spain and the Maghreb gas pipelines.
  • Infrastructure Business Latin America South Zone, directed by Antonio Gallart. Includes gas and electricity networks businesses in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Peru.
  • Infrastructure Business Latin America North Zone, directed by José G. Sanleandro. Includes gas and electricity network businesses in Mexico and Panama.

Likewise, the corporate functions that are responsible for determining the strategy and policies of the Group are simplified with the following persons in charge:

  • Finance, directed by Carlos J. Álvarez.
  • Strategy and Corporate Development, directed by Antoni Basolas.
  • General Secretariat and of the Council, directed by Manuel G. Cobaleda.
  • Capital Market, directed by Steven Fernández.
  • Controlling, directed by Jon Ganuza.
  • Communication and Institutional Relations, directed by Jordi Garcia Tabernero.
  • Corporate Resources, directed by Antoni Peris.

Sea News, May 31

Baibhav Mishra
Author: Baibhav Mishra