Greenpeace Protestors Arrested After they Board Car Carrier


Two Greenpeace protesters were reportedly arrested after they boarded K-Line’s 23,498-tonne Elbe Highway car carrier.

Greepeace UK confirmed the arrest.

“We can confirm that Greenpeace protesters have illegally entered secure areas of the Port of Sheerness. These areas are restricted to ensure that UK border security is preserved and we protect the safety of our customers and employees working on the Port.

“We are working with the police, Greenpeace, and Volkswagen to resolve the situation. The safety of the protesters and employees, whilst safeguarding the marine environment, remains our principal priority,” a Peel Ports spokesperson said on Thursday.

The incident occurred after the vessel arrived in the Thames Estuary in the U.K on Thursday. The protestors hung a banner from a 27-meter high unloading door calling on Volkswagen to take its “toxic cars” back to Germany.

More than 40 volunteers scaled the fences at Sheerness Port in Kent, which was the intended destination of the ship, and gained access to the vehicle park, where a large number of Volkswagen cars are awaiting distribution. The protestors attempted to remove the cars’ keys and post labels on the engines calling on VW to ditch diesel.

Volkswagen imports a large number of vehicles through Sheerness and was caught cheating on emissions tests two years ago.