Middle East Crisis: DG Shipping issues Maritime Security Advisory


Due to recent incident in the Persian Gulf region, there is a possibility of escalation in conflict that could affect shipping not only in the Persian Gulf region but also the straits of Hormuz, Gulf of Oman and other adjoining regions.

In view of the same, vessels operating in these regions have been advised to maintain heightened security alert commensurate with the prevailing situation.

Considering the evolving situation in the said region, the DG Shipping, India has advised all Indian ships operating in these areas to follow international recommended practices at all-times including different aspects consistent with the safety of navigation and security of the vessel.

  • To carry out thorough checks for attached foreign objects on the ship’s hull (both external and internal) whilst at anchorage / alongside at regular intervals and prior departure from Port/anchorage;
  • Maintain strict vigilance whilst alongside/at anchorage and implement strict acc€ss control onboard;
  • No unidentified crafts be allowed to come close to the ship or secure alongside at berth/anchor;
  • Adequate safe distance to be maintained at all times;
  • Maintain sharp lookout and report sighting of suspicious vessels / small crafts / floating objects in vicinity and maintain adequate safety distance from them;
  • Plan transit through the area during daylight hours to the extent feasible;
  • Ship’s whistle / loud hailer/ship’s alarm bell/fire main etc to be used to ward off approach of suspicious boats;
  • Maintain higher readiness for Damage control systems and Firefighting systems onboard;
  • All tankers to ensure that all cargo tanks are kept inerted at all times;
  • Any suspicious object be given wide berth;
  • LSA / FFA drills should be carried out prior to entering/ leaving the affected region and officers/crew members should be properly briefed;
  • To establish communication and exchange information with other Indian flag vessels and Indian warships/aircraft in the region as required, if available.

“The details of any suspicious incidents need to be reported to the appropriate authorities and coordinate with security agencies, as may be instructed,” the DG Shipping stated in its advisory.

Sea News, January 13

Baibhav Mishra
Author: Baibhav Mishra