New CEO for DFDS


Niels Smedegaard has decided to step down as CEO of DFDS at the end of April.  Torben Carlsen, who joined DFDS as a member of the Executive Board and CFO in 2009, is appointed new CEO. In close partnership with Niels Smedegaard, Torben Carlsen has been instrumental in making DFDS a larger, stronger and more profitable company and will thus contribute to ensuring continuity in the development and operation of the company.

Niels Smedegaard resigns from DFDS

Niels Smedegaard has been CEO of DFDS since 1 January 2O07.

He says: “My time at DFDS has been a fantastic journey, and I am proud of the progress that has been made for the company and its employees, customers and shareholders since I joined. It has been a difficult decision to say goodbye but having managed the company for over 12 years, the time has come to move on and use my energy and experience in board positions. DFDS is strongly positioned for the future, and I feel very confident about passing on the steering wheel to Torben and I wish him good speed for the future.”

“I owe everyone at DFDS – from the individual employees to the rest of the management team and the Board – a big thank you for the good years we have had together. We have shared many great experiences and overcome considerable challenges together. I will take all this with me.”

Claus V. Hemmingsen, Chair – Board of Directors

Chair of the Board, Claus V. Hemmingsen, says: “Niels has executed an impressive transformation of DFDS. In the time he has led the business, it has more than doubled in size. DFDS is today a far more profitable company, with highly skilled employees well prepared to continue the growth and deal with the challenges that the future brings, including Brexit and the growing demands for digitisation. On behalf of the Board of Directors and myself, I’d like to thank Niels for his great efforts.”

He adds: “At the same time, it is a special pleasure for me and the rest of the Board that we can pass on the management of DFDS to Torben Carlsen. Over the years, Torben and Niels have worked closely with their colleagues on the Executive Committee and had an excellent collaboration with the Board. Torben has played an important role in the development of DFDS and, with his broad knowledge of the company, he is the ideal person to ensure continuity and continued success for DFDS.”

Torben Carlsen appointed new CEO

Torben Carlsen is 53 and has a broad and international managerial background, with leading positions in Switzerland and the USA, primarily within the aviation industry. In addition to this comes experience from private equity.

Torben Carlsen says: “DFDS is a unique company with a long and exciting history, so I am proud that the Board is placing its trust in me and humble about the task ahead. I look forward to working with the rest of the management and our many skilled colleagues to continue the good development of DFDS, based on the strategic plans we have developed in close cooperation with the Board.”

Sea News, March 4