Yangshan Set to Open 7 New Berths


The world’s busiest container port, Yangshan, is set to open 7 new berths on December 10, a move that will boost the harbour’s annual handling capacity to 40 million containers.

The fourth phase of the port is set to increase the total capacity by 11 percent which amounts to 4 million 20-foot equivalent units (TEUs), finally expanding to 6.3 million TEUs a year. Approximately USD 1.95 billion will be spent on the seven new berths.

Xiao Yingjie, President of the Merchant Marine College at the Shanghai Maritime University, said, “Shanghai is determined to stay ahead of the competition in terms of port development. Authorities and operators have been prioritising technologies and management to enhance the port of Shanghai’s international status.”

The harbour is equipped with some of the most advanced cranes, lifts and carriers with the latest technology in loading, discharging and transhipping cargo quickly and safely. As many as 130 automated guided vehicles (AGVs) will be deployed at the port, the largest number of automatons installed in any container terminals worldwide.

Yangshan began construction in 2002, and had 3 million TEUs of installed capacity when operations began three years later. It has since kept busy by thriving trade emanating from the Yangtze Rover delta around Shanghai. By 2010, Shanghai had surpassed Singapore as the world’s busiest container port by volume.