Bunker Connect Integrates with BunkerTrust

(Image Courtesy: Bunker Connect / Linkedin)

Bunker Connect, a leading live bunker procurement platform, has implemented an integration with BunkerTrust.

Customers of Bunker Connect now have access to BunkerTrust ratings, which are projected on the live incoming quotes from the suppliers during a request for quotation.

Konstantin Kaminski, Bunker Connect says “We have a perfect match with BunkerTrust as we share a similar ambition, more transparency in the bunker industry. It provides additional information to base procurement decisions on and an opportunity for a supplier to differentiate from others.”

Daniel Kampmann, the founder of BunkerTrust says “Knowing how your suppliers are performing is the missing link in making data driven bunker purchases. Imagine booking a hotel online on TripAdvisor without having the ratings and feedback from previous guests. Knowing the performance, both in terms of price, terms, service, timing, quality and quantity will be the enabler for fully informed bunker purchases.”

It’s a great addition to Bunker Connect quality statistics based on the lab reports collected from customers and another opportunity for physical suppliers to differentiate on provided service.

“The projected ratings are based on collected feedback from vessel masters or chief engineers, giving a unique insight of the operational performance of a supplier. The new feature is available as of today (September 30),” the company said.

Sea News, October 1