LEDD Technologies Launches LEDD Drive During QITCOM Exhibition


LEDD Technologies, the nation’s digital transformation partner and a wholly owned subsidiary of GWC (Q.P.S.C), have taken another step towards leading the digital transformation wave across the market in the State of Qatar. At this year’s QITCOM exhibition, LEDD announced the launch of LEDD Drive, their new enterprise cloud backup solution.

LEDD Drive allows data on any device to be securely backed up on the cloud and recovered on any device. This solution has in-built Artificial Intelligence (AI) that also allows users to easily organise and analyse their stored data. Media files can be streamed directly from the cloud, and an intelligent search engine with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) can search images for text, meaning pictures of documents like contracts and invoices can be found as easily as text files.

“Small to Medium companies are fast realising that digital transformation is an effective differentiator in their increasingly competitive and connected markets. The mobility that LEDD Drive creates allows businesses the benefit of securely accessing their vital data to enable working from anywhere, on any device. Users can collaborate with colleagues more easily, engage with their customers faster, and more readily meet the demanding expectations of their clientele,” stated Maged Kamal – General Manager at LEDD Technologies.

LEDD Drive is the latest in the portfolio of cloud and enterprise solutions that LEDD Technologies is serving the Qatar market.

Sea News, November 4

Baibhav Mishra
Author: Baibhav Mishra