PFLNG Satu: SOFEC Completes Engineering, Supply and Delivery of Mooring System

PFLNG Satu (Image Courtesy: MODEC)

MODEC, Inc. on Thursday announced that SOFEC, Inc., a MODEC Group company, has completed the Engineering, Supply and Delivery of Mooring System (Chains & Anchors) contract for PETRONAS Floating LNG 1 (L) Ltd (PFLNG1). This project included the engineering, supply and delivery of the replacement mooring legs and anchors for the external turret system.

The PFLNG Satu has an external turret moored system that was designed to be moored in a water depth ranging from 70 to 200 meters. In March 2019, PFLNG1 relocated its PFLNG Satu vessel to the Kebabangan cluster field, offshore Sabah in Malaysia, which is located 90 kilometers northwest of Kota Kinabalu in 120 meters water depth. It was previously operating in the Kumang cluster field, offshore Sarawak in 75 meters water depth.

According to Rick Hall, SOFEC’s President and CEO: “The original PFLNG Satu installation in 2016 was the world’s first offshore moored FLNG vessel. We are excited to have completed the work for this relocation project and appreciate the confidence which PFLNG1 has shown in SOFEC by awarding the contract to us. We value our relationship with PETRONAS on this project and are pleased by their confidence in the reliability of our external turret moorings.”

MODEC, Inc. also announced the following new appointment with effect from May 1, 2019. The changes were approved at its Board of Directors Meeting held on April 18, 2019.

Hiroshi – Yakame Executive Officer
Toshiro Miyazaki – Chairman of the Board
Yuji Kozai – President & Chief Executive Officer
Takeshi Kanamori – Executive Vice President
Takashi Nishino – Executive Managing Officer
Ricky Alan Hall – Executive Managing Officer
Sateesh Dev – Executive Managing Officer
Yuji Murakami – Executive Managing Officer
Takehiko Tsubokawa – Executive Managing Officer
Yasuhiro Takano – Executive Managing Officer
Masaki Habu – Executive Managing Officer
Minoru Sawada – Executive Managing Officer
Katsuyuki Imaizumi – Executive Officer
Tony Quinn – Executive Officer
Hiroshi Yakame – Executive Officer

Besides, Miyazaki, Kozai, Kanamori and Sawada concurrently assume the position of Director, the company said.

Sea News, April 19