Twill extends service offering all Incoterms

(Image Courtesy: Twill Logistics)

Twill, a digital shipping company with the mission to remove the barriers of international trade, has announced that it has extended its service offering across Asia and the US, to include all incoterms (International Commercial Terms), which regulate the deliveries of goods.

Users of the digital platform have access to instant online quotations and bookings on their preferred trade lanes at the click of a button as well as a greater transparency in tracking cargo throughout the shipping process.

“When we started with Twill, we were setting out with a brand-new platform for our customers. Today’s announcement is a great example of our continued product evolution which we have co-created together with our customers,” comments Daisy Zhang, Product Manager at Twill.

Since its launch in 2017, Twill has only offered Free on Board (FOB) incoterms for the booking of freight, where the conditions are controlled by the buyer. Today’s news sees significant expansion for the company to the other half of the market across Asia and the US, meaning that it is now also open to suppliers in the control of ocean freight serving all incoterms.

“Over the years, China has typically had a reputation for exporting cheaper, lower-value goods. What we’re seeing now is a transition towards higher-value cargo being exported from China, meaning that suppliers are gaining more and more bargaining power between themselves and the buyer. They want to gain greater control over costs and opening up the Twill platform to enable them to do that will build on our promise to make shipping simpler. This is a trend which we have seen developing in other countries in Asia as well as the United States,” explains Troels Stovring, Twill CEO.

This feature is currently available on Twill for export shipments from China (including Taiwan and Hong Kong), Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and the US. It will be rolled out to the rest of the globe in due course.

Sea News, November 13

Baibhav Mishra
Author: Baibhav Mishra

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