J M Baxi Group’s Boxco Logistics handles IOCL MEG Project at Paradip

(Image Courtesy: J M Baxi Group)

J M Baxi Group’s Boxco Logistics along with Allcargo Logistics has successfully executed the first shipment of the IOCL (Indian Oil Corporation Limited) MEG Project at Paradip for L&T Hydrocarbon Engineering (LTHE), who were the EPC (Engineering, procurement, and construction) contractors for IOCL.

(Image Courtesy: J M Baxi Group)

The shipment arrived at the JMB Group’s Multi Cargo terminal PICT on October 3. Despite of the incessant rains and heavy winds the vessel was safely docked at PICT. The shipment had 9 heavy lift packages which were received safely on Boxco’s self-propelled modular trailers. The dimensions of the packages meant that certain modifications were required to be made to PICT which were carried out by Boxco well in advance.

In addition other civil modifications were also carried out enroute to the IOCL Site. An approach road had to be compacted and the causeway had to be rectified, the J M Baxi Group stated.

(Image Courtesy: J M Baxi Group)

“The major challenge in transporting these packages was the route which passed through a live refinery road, which, was not strong enough for handling packages of this size. Boxco conducted a number of surveys and meetings with IOCL and LTHE personnel with the intention of finding a solution wherein the modification enroute had to be minimized, and the refinery also continued functioning without any shutdowns. This was achieved successfully,” Boxco Logistics added.

There was another challenge for modification in the port itself for taking out these packages, we convinced the customs and took the permission for breaking the port wall and also made the slope to match the level difference between the port road inside the terminal and the outside road. Boxco made almost 27 major modification enroute to deliver this cargo.

A total of 9 packages were shipped on SAL vessel Amoenitas. The following are the package dimensions:

(Image Courtesy: J M Baxi Group)
(Image Courtesy: J M Baxi Group)

Boxco Logistics added this to a long list of complicated movements done in Paradip over the past 20 years. This contract also further strengthened the position of PICT as the terminal in Paradip for Heavy lifts and Over dimensional cargo the terminal has a strategic advantage because of its location. The state of art infrastructure makes it a terminal of choice for this type of cargo. The second shipment of this project is expected to land again in PICT in January 2021.

Sea News, November 19

Baibhav Mishra
Author: Baibhav Mishra

Associate Editor, Sea News