A2B-online Containers Use Big Data and Bio Fuels to Curb CO2 Emissions, Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption


A collaboration project to reduce fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emissions has been launched by A2B-online Container, GoodFuels Marine and We4Sea for two A2B-online ships. To map more efficient shipping operations, Big Data technology is used.

In this effort, CO2 emissions will reduce further due to the cost efficiencies achieved by reduced levels of fuel consumption and with the deployment of advanced, sustainable biofuels.

CEO at A2B-online Container, Gerard de Groot, states, “Next to our customers, we ourselves believe reducing emissions is very important and with this project we hope to make a next step in this process.”

To add to this, Dan Veen, CEO We4Sea states, “In this project we want to prove that economy and ecology are a perfect match. Efficiency and emissions reduction can form a win-win situation.”

In tandem with the others, Isabel Welten, Business Development Manager at GoodFuels Marine reiterates, “This collaboration shows how solution providers together can create added value for the industry. The initiative is a great example of a ship owner who does not only pay attention to quick wins, but prefers a sustainable trajectory with a long-term perspective, in which energy-efficiency is strategically combined with the phasing of renewable energy.”

According to GoodFuels Marine, this collaboration project is in line with A2B-online’s ambition to further improve the emission performance of her ships. In the project, We4Sea will first map out the saving potential, after which GoodFuels Marine will utilize this saving potential for the replacement of fossil fuels by sustainable biofuels in a cost-neutral way.