What lies ahead for Maritime: Industry Insights from ABB

(Image Courtesy: ABB)

ABB Marine & Ports has released latest edition of the customer journal Generations. In this issue, ABB explores how electric, digital and connected technologies are converging to offer dramatic gains in efficiency, safety, and sustainability. And in a Generations first, ABB has invited industry leaders to discuss China as an emerging maritime industrial power.

The new pace of change

In the environment of rapid change, ABB has spoken with thought leaders from across the maritime industry. Together, they examine the steps being taken toward autonomous shipping, the progress made in developing alternatives to fossil fuels, and the risks and rewards that the maritime industry can expect to encounter on its journey into the digital age.

China roundtable discussion

ABB Marine & Ports hosted a roundtable session in Shanghai with China’s leading shipbuilders, industry organizations and service providers, inviting them to discuss the emergence of China as a maritime industrial power. The insightful results are presented in a series of articles in this edition.

The technology of tomorrow

As in previous issues, ABB’s own experts share the latest developments and innovations in the technologies that will help keep the industry sailing on a safer, more sustainable and profitable course in the years to come.

Link to download Generations: https://new.abb.com/marine/generations

Sea News, June 6