MSC Zoe clean-up operation

Picture from GPTV

MSC Zoe – Silk Service – Voyage FS848W

MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company has started a clean-up operation in response to a substantial spill of containers in the North Sea.

The cargo ship MSC Zoe encountered heavy weather while sailing toward Bremerhaven, Germany, on 2 January.

Some 270 containers were lost, mainly with spare parts, toys and furniture. There are though, 3 containers with dangerous organic peroxides: Yellow container number MSCU3713629, blue container number CXDU2077321 and a rust brown container number TCLU41747408. At least 21 containers already washed ashore with contents of a number of them scattered around.

21 containers reportedly are located, 7 containers were washed ashore along Dutch coast in Vlieland and Terschelling area, with their content scattered around, said to be mainly car parts and toys. 3 containers contain organic peroxides, which can be dangerously reactive. They can decompose very rapidly or explosively if they are exposed to only slight heat, friction, mechanical shock or contamination with incompatible materials. Those 3 containers, as of 1200 UTC, weren’t yet located.

MSC appointed on 2 January a salvage company to coordinate the retrieval of cargo and beach clean-up operations and is also deploying specialised ships equipped with sonar to search for missing cargo at sea.

In all aspects of the clean-up MSC is collaborating with local authorities.

MSC Zoe proceeded to Bremerhaven for cargo discharge operations. In the meantime, MSC is analysing the causes of the incident.


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