Port of Amsterdam: latest progress as new lock gates arrive in the Netherlands


The port of Amsterdam is working on a current construction activities on the site of the new sea lock in IJmuiden. More than 200,000 m3 of concrete have now been poured and this work is scheduled to continue during the next two months. During these months work will continue on the completion of the lock gates and on the local control buildings.

The new lock gates arrived in the Netherlands on 6 December and are due to be transported by tug from Rotterdam via IJmuiden to the OpenIJ Logistics Centre in the port of Amsterdam as soon as the weather permits. One lock gate will be moored in the lock chamber of the new sea lock to be completed on-site. The other two will be completed in the port of Amsterdam.

As soon as the lock gate has been moored in the lock chamber of the new lock, the cofferdam for the lock sill will be closed. This will create the necessary space for the construction of the lock sill opposite the inner head.