Santos Brasil selects CyberLogitec’s OPUS Terminal to align operations

(Image Courtesy: CyberLogitec)

Tecon Santos and Tecon Vila Do Conde set to modernize terminal operations by replacing their current TOS with OPUS Terminal

CyberLogitec, a leading provider of terminal operation solutions, announced a new agreement with Santos Brasil, Brazil’s leading Terminal Operator, to implement OPUS Terminal in its two largest sites at Santos and Barcarena. Selected for its flexibility and integrated terminal planning features, OPUS Terminal will help modernize and standardize container operations, accounting for approximately 16% of Brazilian containerized trade.

With multiple sites operating across the country, Santos Brasil was faced with the challenge of aligning processes across these sites to cater to their 3,000 plus workforce. OPUS Terminal was selected due to its wide range of yard, quayside, and gate processes integrated within the core TOS solution. The fully integrated TOS, coupled with vital external integrations, gives the terminal operator the ability to provide a consistent experience to operators, transportation partners, government agencies, and cargo owners regardless of location.

“CyberLogitec’s OPUS Terminal provides us the opportunity to align business processes across our two key hubs that have until now been serviced through two separate systems”, says Ricardo Abbruzzini Filho, IT and Innovation Director at Santos Brasil. “A key benefit that CyberLogitec’s solution brings is its integrated approach to quayside and yard operations in a single system without the requirement for numerous add-ons.”

OPUS Terminal’s advanced features varying from yard planning and housekeeping to berth and quay crane operations, can cater to the terminals’ growth in the years to come. With CyberLogitec’s proven experience in assisting space-constrained sites in maximizing productivity and efficiency through the advanced features of OPUS Terminal, Santos Brasil identified an opportunity to reduce the requirements to acquire new land to meet growth targets.

“Our agreement with Santos Brasil is another important step in our growth within Latin America”, said Young Kyu Song, CEO of CyberLogitec. “Despite being based in Asia, the flexibility, integrated functions, and our robust remote implementation strategy mean fast-growing terminals in the region can benefit from our solution to help them better serve their customers and partners.”

Sea News, April 27

Baibhav Mishra
Author: Baibhav Mishra

Associate Editor, Sea News