Anti-Corrosion Grease for Maintenance in Harsh Marine Environments

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Grease is a common part of maintenance for bearings, chassis, and other high-pressure metal-tometal contact areas. Grease provides its own barrier to corrosive elements, but sometimes an added boost of corrosion protection is needed in especially harsh conditions during operation or layup.

Equipment in offshore or coastal conditions will face a higher risk of corrosion from exposure to high humidity and salt spray. Maintenance teams can fight this problem by using grease with enhanced corrosion protection.

(Image Courtesy: Cortec® Corporation)

CorrLube™ VpCI® Lithium EP Grease powered by Nano-VpCI® is an excellent choice in many cases where NLGI grade 2 grease is needed. It is specifically formulated with superior corrosion inhibiting properties against saltwater, brine, H2S, HCl and other corrosive agents.

Typical applications include:

• Lubricating sleeves, ball and roller bearings

• Bushings

• Fans

• Pulley bearings

• Sliding high-friction areas

• Generator end bearings

CorrLube™ VpCI® Lithium EP Grease is suitable for operating, layup, or intermittently operating conditions. It is extremely convenient because there is no need to switch from one grease to another when transitioning equipment from operation to layup and vice versa.

(Image Courtesy: Cortec® Corporation)

For applications that require thicker grease, EcoLine® Biobased Grease powered by NANO VpCI® is a multi-purpose NLGI grade 3 grease with superior corrosion protection properties. A side benefit for users and the environment is that it contains 86% USDA certified biobased content and is a qualified product under the mandatory federal purchasing initiative of the USDA BioPreferred® Program.

It is an excellent alternative to traditional petroleum-based greases where extra corrosion protection is needed.

In addition to protecting metals through direct contact (it passed the ASTM D6969 rust prevention test in 5% seawater), EcoLine® Biobased Grease also protects metals in surrounding hard-to-reach cavities through vapor-phase corrosion inhibiting action. EcoLine® Biobased Grease is compatible with yellow metals and can be used to protect:

• Lubricating sleeves

• Ball and roller bearings

• Vehicle/equipment chassis

• Enclosed hard-to-reach cavities

(Image Courtesy: Cortec® Corporation)

Greases are a necessary part of MRO (maintenance, repair, operations) in any environment. When facing extremely corrosive conditions like those in severe marine conditions, preventative maintenance with corrosion inhibiting greases is a wise strategy to support longer equipment service life.

Sea News Feature, March 5

Baibhav Mishra
Author: Baibhav Mishra

Associate Editor, Sea News