ARX Mouldings announces Integrated Supply of Water Cannon

(Image Courtesy: ARX Mouldings)

ARX Mouldings, a Crompton Group company, announces the integrated supply of water cannon with barrier defence systems to increase its product range and market strength in the Maritime sector.

With its renowned manufacturing strength and maritime experience ARX Mouldings is known for providing excellent quality products at highly competitive prices for commercial operators who operate in areas of risk.

ARX Mouldings builds on the vast experience that currently exists within the Crompton Group and increases their ability to present additional products and services with emphasis on the Shipping and Maritime sectors.

ARX Mouldings now presents the Evictor Water Cannon.

The Evictor Anti-Piracy Water Canon is based upon the renowned and respected Knowsley SK Oscillating Fire Fighting Monitor, present throughout the world and delivering protection and confidence for over 25 years.

(Image Courtesy: ARX Mouldings)

The Evictor is a direct response to a request made by the shipping community to help combat the upsurge in maritime piracy around the world and is now complimenting the ARX catalogue of commercial ship hardening products.

The Group’s Vice President, Joshua Hutchinson “We welcome the opportunity to extend our services and product range making us a “One Stop Shop” for those majors who require Vessel Hardening solutions to protect their cargos and crews that are transiting in High Risk Areas (HRA’s).”

ARX Mouldings is now the only company offering a fully integrated Primary layer of defence for the commercial maritime Market.

The ARX ABaC is the only Anti-Piracy Barrier that allows access to the vessels mooring eyes and fairleads and can be seamlessly supplied with additional Anti-Piracy measures of the ARX Evictor Water Cannon.

Currently, protecting around $35 billion of assets every day and around 4000+ seafarers. Leading Ship Management, Ship Owners and Charterers have endorsed the ARX products.

Sea News, May 21

Baibhav Mishra
Author: Baibhav Mishra

Associate Editor, Sea News