Hansa Meersburg Crashes against Quay Facilities in Taiwan Port


A handysize containership ‘Hansa Meersburg’ crashed into a crane while berthing in the port of Keelung in the northeast of Taiwan on Monday.

The containership severely damaged large quay systems in the accident. According to initial information, a landing manoeuvre led to the disaster. The ship crashed into the quay wall, overturning a port crane used to load and unload the shipping containers.

As a result, several tons of shipping containers were torn down. The mishap incurred a damage of over 4.3 million euros, to the facility. Miraculously, only one dock worker sustained minor injuries in the incident.

(Image Courtesy: Bild.de)

The port authority has started an investigation into the incident and restrictions have been imposed on the vessel from leaving the port till damage assessments are completed.

Hansa Meersburg is owned by German owner Leonhardt and Blumberg and operated by Taiwanese company Cheng Lie Navigation.

Sea News, January 10

Baibhav Mishra
Author: Baibhav Mishra