Maersk Successfully Delivers Reefer Exports from India to Turkey

(Image Courtesy: Maersk)

Maersk, the global integrator of container logistics, delivered it’s first-ever shipment of butter from Bulandshahr, Uttar Pradesh (part of the Delhi National Capital Region) to Turkey. Butter exporter VRS Foods exported an initial 6 containers of their brand, Paras Dairy Butter, through Maersk’s First Mile Delivery reefer service which helps businesses with intermodal, customs clearance, and documentation needs to enable seamless trade. This has opened up a niche cargo category encouraging the shipping of an array of commodities within the reefer segment.

Currently, exporters have been transporting this category of cargo from their factories directly to the ports and inland container depots (ICDs). The First Mile Delivery reefer service coupled with their Remote Control Management (RCM) solution, Maersk offered the exporter a one-stop solution in logistics. This has helped facilitate the ease of doing business and added more visibility to the exporter’s supply chain. The temperature of the cargo in 40 high reefer containers, were monitored constantly from the Paras Dairy’s factory throughout the road transportation as well as overseas transit through RCM and manually to ensure cold chain was maintained.

Commenting on this end to end delivery story, Steve Felder, Managing Director, Maersk South Asia, states, “We believe that India’s trade growth lies in our hinterlands. Most of the small and medium enterprises and traders who engage in trade with this segment often face connectivity and infrastructural challenges limiting their scope for growth. Limited cold-chain infrastructure is one of the prominent factors that lead to the loss of produce. Through our endeavour with Paras Dairy and VRS Foods, our assurance was to provide them with an efficient logistics partner, and in doing so, we can now look to win the confidence of other exporters, given that we can successfully handle end-to-end logistics of refrigerated cargo for all proof of delivery.”

Expressing their satisfaction with Maersk’s service, Nitin Gupta, Manager Logistics VRS Foods Ltd, mentioned, “Our experience with Maersk through this transaction has been excellent! Delivering on end-to-end logistics they have proven to be a very reliable partner. Through RCM, we could monitor our shipment throughout the transit and were met with no challenges during the process. With an efficient point of contact providing us with timely updates, we were apprised and assured of the quality of service.”

*Remote Container Management (RCM) leverages cold-chain technology to create full visibility into the conditions of the refrigerated cargo during transit

*First Mile Delivery refer service includes inland transportation via rail/road along with customs house clearance and other documentation procedures

Sea News, May 2