PT Meratus Advance Maritim Joins Klaveness’ Bulkhandling Handymax Pool


PT Meratus Advance Maritim (MDM) have joined the Bulkhandling Handymax Pool with their vessel MV MDM Baluran.

Indonesian MDM is a strategic business unit in the Meratus Group, well known as Owners and Operator of 60 container vessels, 2 container terminals and logistics business based in Indonesia. The group has been active in the domestic dry bulk market for more than 10 years through barging and transshipment services operated by MDM.

Its recent expansion into dry bulk shipping is a response to the growing domestic market and conservatively optimistic outlook for the region. MV MDM Baluran is its third investment in the Supramax segment.

“Klaveness is known for its excellent commercial and operational reputation in the market. We also appreciate the insights, data and analyses on both aspects offered to Pool members. It is certainly a pleasure for us to be part of the Pool and we look forward to extend our partnership with Klaveness further.” CEO of PT MDM, Mr. Mulyadi Wibowo.

Hans Naess Olstad, VP and Head of Pool Management is pleased to welcome MDM, and the latest addition to the Bulkhandling Handymax Pool.

MDM will have access to the Klaveness deal flow and chartering offices in Oslo, Dubai, Singapore and Shanghai, and to our network of first-class charterers. Klaveness market research and digital tools will also play an essential role when expanding into the dry bulk segment. Enabling MDM to streamline their spot trade without having the positional and counterpart risk.

Punit Oza, VP and Head of Supramax Dry Bulk in Klaveness Asia said, “we are delighted to have MDM and their Jakarta team with us, and honoured to be in the Indonesian market with a player outsourcing their asset’s commercial management with our reputable organization and work method”.

The MV MDM Baluran joined the Bulkhandling Handymax pool at end September.

Sea News, October 5

Baibhav Mishra
Author: Baibhav Mishra

Associate Editor, Sea News