Port of Los Angeles Moving Cargo, Calls for Medical Supplies


While continuing to move cargo at all of its terminals, the Port of Los Angeles also has the privilege of serving as the temporary homeport of the USNS MERCY as the hospital ship assists Southern California during the COVID-19 public health crisis.

Port Executive Director Gene Seroka has been asked by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti to take on additional duties as the City’s Chief Logistics Officer. The role entails matching available medical supplies with health care providers.

“There is a critical need in Southern California for N95 masks, other masks, ventilators that are both intrusive and non-intrusive, IV-drip apparatus and other medical supplies,” said Seroka. “We are trying to move these supplies quickly to hospitals and health care providers. If you can offer these supplies, please email LoVLA@portla.org

Sea News, April 3