Klaveness Digital launches Supply Chain Analytics service

Aleksander Stensby, Managing Director at Klaveness Digital AS

Klaveness Digital formally announces the launch of a new, pioneering Supply Chain Analytics division aimed at accelerating digitalization throughout the dry bulk industry. The move enables major players to identify value creation opportunities that can reduce demurrage, bunker consumption, and optimize working capital with the help of their own data.

An initiative has been in place with several of Klaveness Digital’s core customers throughout 2020, including one of the leading energy players in Africa and the Middle East, assisting them in turning supply chain data into actionable insights. The success has led to the formation of a team of experts representing backgrounds from the supply chain and shipping industry, advanced data analytics, data science and data visualization. Combining their expertise, the team continuously works to leverage the data in CargoValue and other sources to assist customers in identifying value creation opportunities and reducing supply chain uncertainties and costs.

“We see the Supply Chain Analytics division as a powerful asset for customers seeking to take their supply chains to the next level,” says Aleksander Stensby, Managing Director at Klaveness Digital. “The initiative will also serve as an enabler for Klaveness Digital to further develop CargoValue by rapid prototyping analytical solutions on real customer challenges that can then be scaled into the solution.”

With CargoValue acting as a master data source for its customers, the team can improve opportunity analysis by deep modelling the supply chain data in real-time. This not only empowers stakeholders to explore the next levels and learn how data and analytics can be applied, but also how they can transform their supply chain from digital to visionary. Making their organizations faster, more flexible, more granular, more accurate, and more efficient.

André Torbjørnsen, Head of Supply Chain Analytics

Our customers have detailed knowledge of their supply chains. But we see that we can assist them in adapting to the new ways of working when they have even more data available for improved decision making, and often need to engage multiple stakeholders to capitalize on new opportunities,” adds André Torbjørnsen, Head of Supply Chain Analytics.

Sea News, August 6

Baibhav Mishra
Author: Baibhav Mishra