Leading Maritime Organizations in Asia Pacific tap into innovative Israeli technologies

(Image Courtesy: theDOCK)

6 Israeli Startups Presented in a Joint Webinar organized by Israel’s Economic Trade Office & theDOCK

On Wednesday, August 19, a virtual event was held on “The Digitalization of Trade – technology innovations for ports, shipping and maritime logistics”. The webinar was initiated by the Asia-Pacific Economic Attachés of the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry, and in collaboration with theDOCK – an Israeli-based venture capital fund and accelerator focused on maritime innovation. The event was moderated by Yaniv Goldberg, the Economic Attaché to Israel in Korea, who met with theDOCK prior to his posting in Korea and was inspired by the needs in the market as well as the opportunities in collaborating with the Israeli startups to attend to these needs.

“Upon arriving to Korea, I hoped that Korean shipbuilders and owners, ports, marines, shipping lines and others maritime companies will embrace Israeli technologies. Following the covid19 situation we saw an acceleration process of digitalization transformation in many industries and we thought it should be the same for the maritime sector which also suffers from the global economic downturn and looks for ways to offer new digital products, reduce costs, increase efficiency and increase overall profitability. This is exactly what the Israeli technology ecosystem can offer. This is why, together with my colleague, Yoav Saidel, the Economic Attaché in Singapore, and our team of economic attaches in Asia-Pacific, we partnered with theDOCK and carefully selected with them the Israeli companies with which we launched the webinar,” said Yaniv Goldberg.

(Image Courtesy: theDOCK)

The 6 startups that presented were (for the startups catalog):

• DockTech – Real-time water-depth analysis and prediction
• Eco Wave Power – Harnessing the power of the waves to create clean and affordable electricity
• Harbo Technologies – offering the fastest and most effective oil spill first response system
• Loginno – Making containers smarter using IoT and data-driven approach
• Orca AI – intelligent navigation solutions to prevent collisions and save lives
• Wave – Decentralized document management tool for international trade

These startups were introduced to 220 participants from around the world, most of them large shipping companies from the Asia-Pacific region (Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, China) and some from the US and Europe. The event resulted in more than 40 B2B meetings between the Israeli startups and the large corporates.

Hannan Carmeli, theDOCK’s Co-Founder and Managing Partner said: “We are in a midst of a unique and fascinating transformation in the ports and shipping sector in Israel. This follows the entry of global players into the operation of two new ports in Israel with transshipment potential, the privatization of existing ports and the peace talks with the United Arab Emirates – a country with significant assets in the maritime sector. “

Keynote speaker at the event was Tetsuji Madarame, Principal Fellow Digitalization at the Japanese shipping giant NYK (Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha Group). Madarame shared that in the past 2 years his company is developing medium-term business strategies for 2022 in the areas of digitalization and the environment. As for his affinity to Israel, he noted that a meeting at the Israeli embassy in Japan and with the Israel Export Institute two years ago, yielded scheduled interviews with selected Israeli companies and soon after a travel to Tel-Aviv. He was impressed with Israel having a lot of technology startups compared to its small area and population, people being very independent, business oriented and quick movers. Upon connecting with theDOCK, Madarame was positively surprised of the firm’s direct focus on ports, shipping and logistics, as opposed for example to the US in which transportation-directed startups primarily focus on trucking and parcel delivery and not on maritime.

Yaniv Goldberg also added: “The Foreign Trade Administration in the Ministry of Economy and Industry operates an array of 45 economic affiliates and attachés around the world who strive to assist Israeli companies in all sectors, especially at a time when world traffic is limited and the ability to produce quality business opportunities is severely impacted. The Israeli innovation ecosystem, which has a lot to offer in the field of maritime technologies, has a unique opportunity to approach new businesses, and we intend to hold additional events in this field and help more Israeli companies find opportunities.”

Sea News, August 25

Baibhav Mishra
Author: Baibhav Mishra

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