223 Containers per Ship Hour, 40 Containers per Crane Hour: Haifa Port Sets Record


High productivity was recorded on the MSC VANDYA, which called at Haifa Port as part of the 2M Alliance. The ship, which only arrived on Friday morning (a week ago) in the middle of the “A” shift, had to complete all its work by the end of Friday’s “B” shift in order to depart that evening and make its berth window at the Port of Koper on the Adriatic. Not only that, the number of containers to be unloaded was almost double that of a regular week.

Haifa Port met the challenge successfully. At 10:15 am, five STS cranes were assigned to the ship at the Carmel Terminal, and this number increased to seven during the “B” shift. However, the sheer number of cranes did not guarantee success, and peak productivity was required in order to complete the unloading process within an extremely tight schedule.

The “A” shift achieved average productivity of 44.9 containers per crane hour, while “B” shift moved an average of 39.9 containers per crane hour. The crews also recorded a very impressive figure of 223 containers per ship hour.  Therefore, all the required operations on the ship, which began at 10:15 am, were fully completed by 7:00 pm, enabling the MSC VANDYA to depart Haifa Port right on schedule.

Edni Simkin, CEO of MSC Israel said, “Haifa Port met the challenge in the short time it had to complete work on the ship. It is a great achievement, both in terms of the quantity of containers, which was significantly greater on this occasion, and in terms of the port’s impressive productivity.”

Haifa Port and the dockworkers managed to get the ship out before Shabbat, enabling it to arrive on time at the Port of Koper. “It was an extraordinary challenge and an exceptional level of performance by any standard. There are not many terminals anywhere in the world that could do something like this,” he added.

Sea News, January 24

Baibhav Mishra
Author: Baibhav Mishra