Incheon Port Crosses 3 Million TEU Mark in 2017


South Korea’s Incheon Port Authority (IPA) handled 3.04 million TEU during 2017, a rise of 13.5 per cent over 2.68 million TEU seen in the previous year. The container volume was achieved with 49 sea routes, representing almost double the number of routes from 2005 when IPA was established with 26 sea routes.

Incheon Port’s 2017 volume is a record achieved in 12 years after reaching 1 million TEU in 2005 and in 4 years after hitting 2 million TEU in 2013.

The Port Said that based on the 2016 performance, this was the best performance and accomplishment in history. With this volume, the port now moved to the 47th place as it continued its journey towards becoming a part of the Top 30 Global Port with an aim of handling 4 million TEU on an annual basis until 2025.

“We will sail more powerfully in order to achieve the 2020 target of 3.5 million TEU through continuous marketing on container volume and attracting sea routes without being satisfied with the present, will actively take part in the policy for generating better jobs and will try harder to work with the relevant companies and groups to increase high quality jobs,” Nam Bong Hyeon, CEO of IPA, said.

Sea News, January 8

Baibhav Mishra
Author: Baibhav Mishra

Associate Editor, Sea News