India’s Paradip Port Sets Record, Handles 24 Ships in 24 Hours


India’s Paradip Port has earned accolades by handling 24 ships in 24 hours. As per the Paradip Port Trust (PPT) authorities, this has happened within Sunday (December 4) 8 am to Monday (December 4) 8 am. While berthing of 12 ships, sailing of 10 ships and shifting of 2 ships.

PPT Marine Department’s Harbour Master Atulya Mohapatra said, “Yesterday we have added another feather to our hat. We’ve handled 24 vessels in a single day, in 24 hours. I give the credit to my team of pilots who have really made it happen.”

“We’ve engaged sufficient number of trucks and pilots. For this facility, we could manage to do such a large number of movements in a single day. The port had earlier handled 19 ships within 24 hours.” he informed.

He added that the contribution of the traffic team and stevedores was vital to achieve the feat. They completed the work of loading and discharging the vessels in time so that the vessels could be ready in time to sail and berth.

Sea News, December 4

Baibhav Mishra
Author: Baibhav Mishra

Associate Editor, Sea News